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The relationship between dogs and their owners is a unique connection. The Dog Spot offers practical training options and ongoing support for all your training aims. Our proven reward based techniques and a unique approach has helped pet owners across Sussex for over 15 years. Contact us today to get started!


A unique approach

We understand that each dog is different, and will work with you to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a new puppy, have a rescue dog, own a pet with behavioral problems, or simply want do start some fun training we are here to help.
We will develop a personalised training plan including individual and group sessions that fit around the needs of your dog and your lifestyle.  All our training is focused on building balance through training and play.

Walking with Dogs


Dog training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care. The training services at The Dog Spot are designed to give your pet the individual attention and care they need. We use kind, reward based methods creating balance through training and play.

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Puppy Training

Personalised and Professional (8-24 weeks)...

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or have just welcomed a new addition to the family the The Dog Spot can help guide you through every step of your training journey.  We work with you to create a personalised plan to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.
The first meeting is with you and your puppy at home.  We will discuss your aims and answer any questions you may have.  Following this a training plan will be agreed and follow up one to one and group sessions can just be booked online to fit your schedule. 
We use kind reward based methods and cover everything from housetraining, diet, lead walking, socialisation, recall training and an introduction to general obedience and trick training for mental stimulation.

Training a Puppy with Snack

Follow on Training

From adolescence onward (6 months plus)...

Many owners find this a particularly challenging time. Our approach to training through adolescence and beyond involves lots of mental exercise for your dog. 
Providing an understanding of your dogs natural instincts and development will help you with consistent training during this often difficult stage. Your pet has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands at any age and our techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon. 
I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet. The first meeting is with you and your dog at home.  We will discuss your aims and answer any questions you may have.  Following this a training plan will be agreed and follow up one to one or group sessions can just be booked online to fit your schedule. 

Dog Walker

Group Training Sessions...

Group training walks are one of our most popular services.  We cover lots of practical handling skills to make dog walking more enjoyable and to create a more balanced relationship between you and your dog. 

These outdoor classes offer real world dog training where we help you work on things like; 
Lead walking, recall, general obedience, retrieval, scent, tricks and much more.

Our walks take place in various locations including Pulborough, Storrington and Findon and obviously some training sessions will be weather dependent! Please contact us to ensure this is the right training option for you and your dog first then simply book online and join us.

Weekly Group Walks: 
Tuesday 10:30am
Saturday 3:00pm 


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Puppy Play

Problem Behaviour

Tailored sessions for problem behaviour or specific training exercises...

If your dog needs help with a specific behavioural issue The Dog Spot is a great option for you. One to one training is arranged  to meet the needs of your dog and their human family. We can help with a range of issues including...

Recall - Aggression - Lead Training - Anxiety and much more.

Please contact us first to discuss the right training options for you and your dog then simply book your personal training session online! 


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