Natural diet, balanced mind.

We stock a premium selection of the very best in nutritious raw dog food and natural treats that promote our ethos of 'natural diet, balanced mind'.  

The link between diet and canine behaviour is an important one and we all want to make sure our pets are getting the most natural, healthy options when it comes to meal times.  

We have worked hard to create a small, premium, tasty selection that will keep dogs healthy and happy allowing a great starting point for training and good health throughout their lives.

With so much choice on the market we have kept things simple and clear while providing easy options that meet the needs of every dog.  Pop into our store in Chichester or contact us to discuss our products and your dogs needs so we can help you give them the very best.

Natural raw organic dog food in bowl on

Why Raw?

Some people have looked at me in horror over the years at the thought of feeding their dogs raw meat and when the concept was first introduced to me over 15 years ago my reaction was much the same. BUT... when I took the time to research, talk to experts and test it for myself the positive results really spoke for themselves. 

Improved life expectancy, healthy skin, joints, teeth and coats, help to overcome digestion problems, constipation, diarrhoea and weight issues. Raw feeding is designed to mimic the diet that dogs ate in the wild without cereals or processed elements. Just 100% balanced and nutritionally dense.

Raw food should not be mixed with biscuit food as an extra, dogs will digest each type of food differently and the raw meals we stock offer a complete balanced diet.

Our new full range of amazing NAKED DOG raw food is available in store. Find out more.

Please contact us or come along and see us in store with any questions you may have. We can guide you through transitioning to a raw diet, feeding quantities and more.

If you prefer to feed a dry or cold pressed option or need a good alternative to raw then let us know and we can help talk you through the best options that fit your dogs needs.